Our primary business focus is firearm repair services within North Central Indiana. We are proud to offer the finest firearm repair services in the area performed by a Certified Master Gunsmith. We pride ourselves in safety, value and security. Our state of the art security system will keep your firearms safe and secure while we repair them.

About Us

Mike Hines has been around guns all his life and enjoyed repairing his own firearms for many years. After 20 years as a locksmith, he was having some physical challenges and began looking for a new career. A friend told him, "Mike, the leap from locksmith to gunsmith is not a big one - you should look into it!" And he did.

Vincent Riley

He loved the nice work you did on it, especially the stock!! He could not believe it was the same gun! He sent pictures of it to his son and his brother who bought it for him years ago! Continue Reading


We do everything we can to make sure your gun leaves here in the best possible condition. Read about our many success stories and you’ll see exactly why you should choose us for your next repair.